electric actuators for valves

s-range actuators





for conventional sytems, parallel hard wired signals. Torque and position measurement by microswitch. Intermediate position via conductive plastic potentiometer and analogue position transducer.


C-matic actuators





have an integral control-unit with built-in user interface in sturdy industrial design. The contactless torque and position measurements result from the COMBI sensor. With the LEARN function an easy setting is guaranteed. The actuators made by DREHMO contain programmable functionalities.


i-matic actuators





are high-end sophisticated actuators. The actuators are operated via user interface with LC-display and push-buttons.
They include c-matic functions and additionally programmable actuator functions and operating modes via remote and local settings, watchdog, electronic nameplate, datalogger as well as local valve diagnostics for predictive maintenance.  Actuators used in hazardous conditions for oil, gas or petrochemicals must not only be reliable and accurate – they must be absolutely safe.

x-matic actuators





are made in Germany – explosion protected valve actuators for every application and any kind of valve!

electric actuators for valves

AUMA NORM  Actuators for conventional systems, parallel hard wired signals. Torque and position measurement by microswitch. Intermediate position via conductive plastic potentiometer and analogue position transducer

AUMA MATIC  (AM) control 

with simple design and defined features are the perfect choice when using parallel signal transmission and if a relatively low number of feedback signals is required. Several parameters can be defined via DIP switches during commissioning, e.g. type of seating in end positions. Actuator control is made via operation commands OPEN, STOP, CLOSE. As an option, the valve position can be transmitted as 0/4 – 20 mA signal to the DCS.

AUMATIC Control (AC)

controls are your perfect solution if the application requires self-adapting control functions, data logging, confi gurable interface .AC controls are equipped with a parallel interface for free configuration and/or interfaces to fieldbus systems as used within process automation.The diagnostic functions comprise a time-stamped event report, torque characteristics logging, continuous recording of temperatures and vibration within the actuator.

Electric actuators for part-turn industrial valves

SMQ series


SMQ actuators have compact size, robust construction, reliable performance and ability to intagrate fully into sophisticated control systems.


  • Compact and robust construction, light weight providing high output torque (max 3000 Nm).
  • Wide range torque variation (from min 60 Nm to max 3000 Nm).
  • Hard anodized aluminium housing inside and outside with external powder coated against severe industrial environment.
  • Enclosure using radial seals & O-rings that provide protection to waterproof IP67
  • Mounting base according to ISO5211.
  • Removable drive bushing for easy machining and installation.
  • Self-locking provided by double worm gearing (no brake required).
  • Auto-declutching manual override handwheel with padlockable auto / manual switchable lever.
  • Reliable mechanical torque sensing system providing safe operation in overload condition.
  • Large size window and indicator provide better position indication from a distance.
  • Various local position control options providing easy commissioning and operation in field.
  • Digitalized control component.