About Us

ASG Hajtómű Kft has been focusing on the automation of industrial valves since 1996. Most of all, we are specialized in the planning and implementation of special constructions, and special design. Our products are mostly equipments which are applicable to hazardous areas, and have ATEX certificate.

We undertake the automation of butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves and other equipments according to our clients’ needs.

We have great experience in the automation of complete valve systems. We provide high quality and reliable products to our clients. We also provide, in every case, warranty servicing and technical consultation.

We have been the supplier of Paks Nuclear Power Plant since 1996.

What we offer to our partners

  • More than twenty years of professional experience in the field of automation of industrial equipment.
  • Reliable, and precise planning, and implementation of customized solutions, even on the basis of special needs.
  • Estimation on site, and warranty servicing opportunity
  • Technical Consultation
  • High quality products

Our Services

  • We create the plans for the automation.
  • On demand, we deliver the products to the site, and install them.
  • We provide one year warranty (3 years for Remote Control Engines!), during the warranty period, we offer free repair and part exchange.
  • We undertake the servicing of the installed products.
  • We provide technical instructions in Hungarian (instruction manual, illustrations etc) for the installation, actuation, and maintenance of our products.
  • After installation and fitting, in every case, our products go through an inspection.